ABS Up & Over Garage Doors

Impact resistant white garage doors which closely match to white PVCu doors and windows.

white garage door

ABS Up & Over Garage Doors

ABS doors are made from a tough, yet flexible material commonly used to make car bumpers, so when it’s knocked, the door panel flexes then bounces back as good as new.  Fully bonded steel stiffeners at the rear of all ABS doors reinforce the panel and help protect against forced entry.


  • Impact and dent resistant
  • Easy to clean finish
  • Matches PVCu windows & doors
  • Low maintenance finish
  • Strong lightweight construction weighing less than 2/3 of a traditional steel door
  • UV fast low gloss brilliant white finish guaranteed for 10 years

Optional Extras Include Glazing and Automation


Secure, Corrosion Resistant Garage Doors


Warm and Modern Garage Doors


Low Maintenance, Long Lasting Garage Doors