Insulated Roller Garage Doors 

Fully-automated garage doors, opening at a push of a button from the warmth and safety of your vehicle. With exceptional heat saving and acoustic properties, the twin wall insulated aluminium interlocking sections offer greater benefits in security and strength with additional home insulation. These doors are fully CE compliant and can be installed either internally or externally giving exceptional flexibility in design.

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double white garage doors on brick home
black garage door


A wide choice of colours available, including specialist woodgrain finishes

Space Saving 

Rolls up vertically and does not swing out in front of the garage. You can park right up to the door and have more storage space in the roof of the garage

Minimal Maintenance 

 No oiling or greasing, just an occasional clean of the side tracks with a damp cloth and the door surface with warm soapy water

Safety device

Bottom seal contact strip which uses wireless technology to instantly stop and return the garage door back to the fully open position on contact with any obstacle


High security segmented locking system utilising the motor braking force driving the curtain firmly down into the closed position. The locking system works on uneven and graduated garage floors

Home Insulation

Exceptional heat saving properties twinned with insulated aluminium interlocking sections allows great insulation for your home.