Single-Skinned Roller Garage Doors 

Space saving roller garage doors available in an easy to operate manual version or with the complete luxury of touch-of-a-button operation. In a wide range of colours designed to match with modern windows, this door is an attractive complement to any home. 

ROller Door Replacement
Roller Red

Space Saving

Rolls up vertically and does not swing out in front of the garage. You can park right up to the door and have more storage space in the roof of the garage

Minimal maintenance

No oiling or greasing, just an occasional clean of the guides with white spirit and the door surface with warm soapy water

Weather seal

Durable weather seal on the underside of the door prevents leaves and other undesirable materials entering your garage from outside


(Automatic version) – Illuminates your garage for up to five minutes after the motor is activated allowing you to drive into an illuminated garage


Up to 5 metres wide and 3 metres high; requires no frame so enables the maximum possible opening width for the wider vehicle. Door sits behind the brickwork so can be fitted in arched and unusual garage door openings.


(Manual version) – The double sided locking system is operated from the central handle and locks from both inside and outside of the door.