On a cold, wet, windy day one of the last things you want to do is get out of your car to open the garage door. The convenient, luxurious alternative is to come home to an automatic garage door, operated by remote control from the comfort of the car.


Control unit housing - the separate control unit (with integrated interior push-button) will plug into an existing wall socket, thus avoiding the need to install new wiring or sockets; light cover can be moved easily; the control board is inside the housing and protected against dirt and damage; reset and memory button is easily accessible.

Accident prevention - electronic regulated force measurement with DPS - dynamic power system

Regulated soft run - no loss of force

Low power consumption - due to toroidal transformer (in Duo 650/800)

Handsets - modern stainless steel version; retractable control keys prevents unintentional operation; four commands allows radio remote control of e.g. lighting.


Motor control:
- Integral radio receiver (FM 868.8 MHz and 112 memory slots) with integral illumination
- Pluggable service friendly motor control unit
- Obstacle detection: the door reverses when meeting an obstacle
- The Dynamic Power System (DPS) reads in the required force automatically, and adjusts this to the changing external conditions, ensuring the highest safety
- Backjump for relieving the stress on the door and drive
- Controlled soft run

- Classy design in pure black
- Maximum traction/pressure force 550N for garage doors up to 4.2m width
- Partly pre-assembled and quickly ready for mounting
- Economical energy consumption

Operator Unit:
- Greater durability and less wear through gear-saving technology due to the motor operating jointly
- Chain is stationary, so that no friction or power loss occurs as with a circumferential chain
- Chain is maintenance free and must not be oiled, which means that there are no oil stains on your vehicle or door
- Self-locking motor ensures protection against burglary and intrusion
- No additional locking mechanism necessary
- Quiet opening and closing.

SLS - Safety Limit Switch
- The SOMMER garage door operators are the only products of their kind that allow the door to be disengaged and engaged in any position. This offers safety and security in case of power failure.

Many other manufacturers’ operators available on request