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The wonderfully versatile side hinged garage door option offers a solution to so many problems and provide opportunities not available with any other type of garage door.

With a marked increase in the number of requests for side hinged traditional garage doors. Many people have realised the practicality for busy lifestyles where the garage is NOT being used for a vehicle and frequent access is required as the garage is used as a large storeroom for bikes, toys, etc. and very often freezers or laundry facilities as well as workshop, gym or general room. The traditional pair of side hinged doors give the person on foot easy access to the garage without having to raise a complete door up.


Side hinged garage doors are available in either steel, GRP, ABS or timber and in standard or purpose made sizes up to 9 feet wide.

Using timber you can totally individualise your doors as well as choose from a wide range of traditional standard designs. You can have them manufactured to your own design from a choice of hardwoods with either a modern or traditional feel according to the surroundings and your personal preference.

The side hinged garage door set can be produced with either 50/50 split opening or a 1/3 and 2/3 opening.

Optional extras

Don’t forget electric operation. Contrary to popular belief you can fit a remote control operator to side hinged doors very easily. Most boom style operators combined with a swing arm conversion kit will fit the bill.