Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door offers you perfect convenience, maximum security and optimum saving of space.

The principle behind it is as ingenious as it is simple: the sectional garage door is comprised of individual elements, so-called sections, which are connected together by hinges. This way the garage door is able to open vertically whilst conveniently rolling upwards and underneath the ceiling without requiring any additional space for swinging outwards in front of the garage.

Sectional garage doors are also extremely attractive in design. High-quality materials, top-quality manufacturing and a wide variety of optional extras give your garage an individual look - in keeping with the architecture of your house and your own personal taste.

Versatile - Sectional garage doors will always fit into classic square-shaped garage, behind an opening with slanted corners, unobtrusively erected segment arches or elegantly integrated arches

Styles & finishes - in a choice of four designs, five surface finishes and countless colours, including a RAL colour of your choice

Glazing - not only will glazing make a feature of your garage, it will also let the light in as well. Being double-glazed panes, they also have excellent heat insulating properties

Decor Appliques - Whilst a wide range of decors are offered as standard, you can also design your own and make your garage door an object of your own creativity. Appliques are made in stainless steel and RAL coloured plate.

Matching side doors - To suit all sectional garage doors in a wide variety of colours

Wicket doors - if there is no space for a side door, a wicket door allows you to enter the garage without having to open the main garage door

Designer doors & solid timber sectional doors - also available